Our Approach to Creating Success

We’re doing something different. In place of just another dental platform, we have created a collective — founded and run by doctors — that can help you manage your dental practice while giving you a voice in how we run the whole group.

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Supporting Your Practice

When you join our collective, you’ll become part of a dental fellowship that works together to lift each other up and help us all succeed. More than just a run-of-the-mill dental group, we offer true collaboration — you’ll help determine our clinical approach and your voice will contribute to how we make decisions. Plus, you’ll have us all standing behind you to support you in running your practice more smoothly and with less stress than ever.

Setting a New Standard

As a group, our goal is to set a new standard of excellence, live each day with integrity, and provide innovation that other dental organizations will seek to follow. We don’t shy away from aiming high and focus more on long-term achievement than short-term rewards. By working together, we take outstanding care of our patients and give each other the support we each need to shine.

Making Decisions Together

We’re here to build the premier doctor-driven dental partnership by putting power in your hands. We don’t dictate clinical policy from on high. Instead, our partner dentists, like you, run advisory boards that collaboratively determine our clinical approach for the entire collective. Doctors — not business people — have the final say.

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Our Core Values


The way we do business matters as much to us as our results.


We set high standards and strive to take exceptional care of our patients.


We’re here to set the trend for other dental groups to follow.

What Mosaic Partners Are Saying


Let’s Start a Conversation

If you’re interested in joining us as a partner dentist or as a team member, we’d love to get to know you. Go ahead and contact us to get things started!

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