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Chalet Dental

Yakima, WA

Our Group Practice

Chalet Dental was founded in 1974 by several dentists looking to serve the Yakima Valley. We have grown from just two doctors to five. Our current team consists of Dr. Jeff Trammel, who joined in 1988, Dr. Chris Trammell (a cousin), who joined in the early 2000’s, followed by Dr. Tim Gutmann (2006) and Dr. Ross Austin (2009).

We liked the idea of a group practice and the benefits it presented. It was like a study group where we could focus on questions of both clinical and business-related topics. Once immersed in a group of like-minded partners, the tangential benefits became much more apparent. For us dentists, taking vacation time didn’t have to impact our entire teams. Our team can continue to work with the other doctors providing practice coverage. Our team can take time off when they need to because we have coverage options. We have a team that is always available to our patients. The list goes on and on.

How Many Chalet Team Members Have Transitioned To Mosaic?

We have about 50 team members that have smoothly transitioned into the Mosaic Human Resources platform.

The Team Transition

The transition was seamless. The Mosaic Human Resources team helped immensely and from the employee standpoint, it was a breeze. The team is now able to clock in and out on their phones and they can easily view their vacation hours online too – just to name a few improvements. Everyone is working collaboratively within the collective, and our team is very satisfied with the transition.

You’re Already In A Group – Why Is A Larger Group Format Beneficial To You?

Because of the world we live in today, you either must stay competitive to grow, or accept the status quo for both yourself and your team. At Mosaic, we gained even more benefits that were superior to the ones we already had. We can share best practices with an entire collective of distinguished partners. Our team can grow as Mosaic grows. At Chalet Dental we recognized the benefits of a high-quality partnership and Mosaic is taking us to the next level.

When Considering Options, Why Did You Choose The Mosaic Dental Collective?

Work-life balance is important to all of us. Over the last ten years as the dental landscape continues to change, we have considered various options for stability, growth and practice legacy, but could not find the right fit until Mosaic. We were not willing to relinquish our clinical autonomy or decrease our high standards for excellent patient care simply to improve operational efficiencies. Many dental organizations are structured to enhance efficiency, but we were most concerned about maintaining our high standard of personalized patient care. Mosaic celebrates our unwavering commitment to our patients’ clinical care and overall experience. We can maintain our high-level practice standards. Mosaic provides administrative support through our professional team, and the clinical support of a collective of like-minded dentists. It is designed so that we can get the best of both worlds.

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