Doctors Leading Doctors

Mosaic Dental Collective is run by doctors just like you. We have deep experience and an open, collaborative leadership structure that empowers all of our partner dentists to contribute to our decision-making process.

The Value of Leadership

Our leadership team comprises a diverse set of talents and skill sets who share a common vision for excellence. The partners within our network are all united by this mission, while also being appreciated for their individual contributions. Mosaic partners form the backbone of our collective, and are committed to implementing our foundational philosophy of a doctor-led partnership. We are cultivating a leading organization that emphasizes quality care and facilitates community engagement.

Gary Ackerman, DDS

Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Gary Ackerman is renowned for his leadership at both the local and state levels, as well as his success as a practice owner. As our chief clinical officer, Dr. Ackerman serves as a central point of contact for all advisory boards and oversees all strategies from conception to execution.

Clinical Leadership and Advisory Team

Nikki Sekhon, DDS

Clinical Co-Chairperson

Ron Lee, DDS

Clinical Co-Chairperson

Steve Aeschliman, DDS, PS

Clinical Co-Chairperson

Our Clinical Leadership and Advisory Team is led by knowledgeable Co-Chairpersons who promote the pursuit of optimal efficiency in all areas of restorative and hygiene standards. This team maintains a focus on meeting health and compliance standards in all aspects of patient care. 

Enterprise Leadership and Advisory Team

Ross Austin, DDS

Enterprise Co-Chairperson

Daniel Bickel, DDS

Enterprise Co-Chairperson

As part of our commitment to keeping current with today’s rapid growth of technology and technique, our Enterprise Leadership and Advisory Team assists the organization in staying competitive and innovative in all aspects of operation. This group is exceptionally keen on providing guidance for functional optimization and business development, as well as promoting the essentials needed to build a quality patient experience.

Community Leadership and Advisory Team

Sean Avera, DDS, MS

Community Co-Chairperson

Alexandra Cristescu, DDS

Community Co-Chairperson

Our community team is the driving force behind our ongoing external engagement and progress in expanding our reach. As a collective organization, each of the various capabilities that we possess is augmented by the dedication of our Community Leadership and Advisory Team toward ever-improving performance, growth, and success.

We Make Decisions Together

As a partner dentist, you’ll have a seat at the table and a say in every aspect of our collective. You’ll join one or more of our governing Advisory Teams, where you’ll be empowered to make decisions and keep patient care at the top of our priorities list.

Restorative & Hygiene

Our Restorative and Hygiene Team helps us keep up with best practices and treatments to ensure the highest standard of patient care.


Our Specialty Team helps integrate our general dentists and specialists to ensure strong communication, collaborative treatment planning, and comprehensive care.


Our Compliance Team helps make sure that Mosaic partners can relax, knowing that their practices meet or exceed all compliance standards.

Innovation & Technology

Our Innovation & Technology team keeps us on the cutting edge of dentistry by recommending new technologies and innovative solutions for improving the patient experience.

Formulary & Lab

Our Formula and Lab Team works to boost our overall performance by collaborating with outstanding outside partners for clinical support services like lab work.


Mosaic partners are committed to being lifelong learners. Our Education Team organizes state-of-the-art growth opportunities for our partners and team members.


The Outreach Team connects with like-minded dental professionals to expand and enhance our collective and help us give back to our respective communities.


The Communication Team helps us spread the Mosaic standard of excellence and help our larger community of dental peers learn more about what makes us a great place to belong.

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